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Our Story

Experts in the APAP group have gained a reputation as leaders in strategic advisory roles. Whether it is an early-stage private enterprise, public enterprise, or local government,

APAP group will work with partners to achieve success. Members of our team develop, launch, and support investment relationship initiatives for a number of enterprises.
Our team is made up of experts with extensive professional experience through long personal interactions and strong execution with analysts, investment capitalists, institutional investors, and venture communities. Our close team with deep knowledge of the capital market, along with the renewable energy development industry and public projects, focuses on selected customer groups to ensure high-level interest and deliver strategic value. This gives customers a competitive advantage


My name is Chris Su

“We value your offer” means we are working with you to add value to your business through creative and effective design. We are made up of experts in the industry who work with you to clarify, achieve, and ensure your goals. The most effective result, which best meets your needs, is our goal to provide you with the highest quality of support and successful solutions.


We treat every project as a challenge, and communication is key so that we can produce only the best for you. Our relationship with our customers is based on open dialogue, understanding and mutual respect. A detailed study of any project is essential to create and overcome obstacles that may arise.


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Working With the Best Clients and Partners

Our Partners are leaders and innovators. We partner with each company to create a unique and customized strategy to achieve measurable success to create enduring shareholder value.

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